Bmapp- a few basic functionalities

Dealing with daily attendance is not a big task, just upload one excel sheet and then visualize attendance details in a sinlge glance at any level you want to see.
Handling the employee details with all the history and organaizational operations are very important for any organization, Bmapp helps you in a better way.

The payroll system enables you to process the monthly salary in an efficient way, configurable pay components, appropriate tax and other deductions and a neat and precise payslip.
Leave management is handled with configurable elements which will address all the cases with leave policy. This component is linked to salary and attendance internally.
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Your business will be unique, your management principles will be different, but still Bmapp take care of your entreprise operations and your data in your way. The services are based on the business essential modules for any organaisation. The ease of use is one of the prevailing aspects of the application which hides all the complexities to the rear end. Finally you will get the abstract of the enterprise data by various reports at your fingertip in web as well as in your smarphone..

Bmapp connects your people
Its very crucial to have an efficient but more simpler employee-duty assessing mechanism in any organaization apart from the traditional email communications. Bmapp fills that gap by providing a sophisticated task system in the application, which is quite handy in the smartphone app.

Its all about a better tomorrow
Bmapp focuses on your enterprise's number one priority— having a smooth application which can solve your human resource management issues effectively, showcase your data in a meaningfull manner and helping you to boost the productivity